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Brick. Advice, signs of noncompliance.
For Architects
ceramic brick is able to combine the broad architectural features with reliable performance

For Dealers
Factory of building materials MACON expanding its dealer network and is open to cooperation
For Builders
Factory of building materials MACON besides high quality materials, ready to offer construction companies a range of services
Best wall building material in the Republic of Moldova. Surpasses similar products from other manufacturers by:

-precision geometric dimensions
-diversity of shapes and sizes
For Dealers
JSC MACON is looking for dealers who sell building materials. We always welcome new partners who appreciate the quality of selling building materials, having an extensive network of offices and retail outlets that occupy the active marketing position in the market. If you want to keep buying products MACON, ready to represent our products, we agree with the recommended value of brick and are set to increase sales, we are committed to providing a full range of services and related services, the procurement and promotion.
Selling products MACON can become a profitable area of activity of your company, thanks to a transparent policy of selling a wide range of brick and tempting price for a brick. We in turn will make every effort to strengthen long-term and mutually beneficial partnership. You will always be ready to help the personal manager who will agree all the nuances of supply, will clarify the final cost of the brick support in negotiations with contractors and architects. Logistics division will build MACON convenient routes of delivery and ensure the delivery of bricks to your customers in time. The active promotion of the brand marketing MACON the building materials market, conducted by our company, helps promote the brand and increase demand for their products, which immediately affects the sales of our distributors. We also provide all necessary technical and promotional materials for placement in retail outlets.
To improve the skills of your trade specialists MACON regularly conducts training seminars. Much attention is paid to the informal communication with partners. To know each other better, we invite Club members to distributors MACON interesting team building, we make regular rating distributors and encourage the leaders from the work.
If you want to sign distribution deal, ask questions about the range of products, to buy bricks, bricks for Pricing or to get full price for a brick by email, contact managers, MACON at:
/ +373-22 / 405-888.
Our Products
Ceramic brick has become one of the most popular building materials. In his favor, and said brick price - this material is relatively inexpensive. High durability of brick, its efficiency, fire resistance, thermal conductivity, frost and moisture resistance value builders, beauty, texture, variety of colors, smooth or bumpy - the architects and designers. Buy a brick can now be anywhere, a lot of companies involved in its production. But in fact it turns out that their products vary greatly in quality. And the production volume and sales schemes significantly affect the price of bricks, and often the final brick price does not correspond to the stated level of production.
The company MACON offers brick high-class, building blocks of expanded clay, concrete block and other building materials. We have chosen the top priority of their work quality of the product. A quality - in detail: in the particles of clay that forms the basis of our bricks, in fine-tuning of modern production lines, conveniently packaged products, in an ideal geometry of each brick in a streamlined delivery system. Constant scientific research, innovative technologies, optimization of all stages of production, a clear construction of logistic flows, monitoring of demand and current marketing strategy can not only create products of the European level, but also provide an attractive low-cost bricks.
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