Chisinau Building Materials Plant
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Types of brick
For Architects
ceramic brick is able to combine the broad architectural features with reliable performance

For Dealers
Factory of building materials MACON expanding its dealer network and is open to cooperation
For Builders
Factory of building materials MACON besides high quality materials, ready to offer construction companies a range of services
Best wall building material in the Republic of Moldova. Surpasses similar products from other manufacturers by:

-precision geometric dimensions
-diversity of shapes and sizes
For Builders
JSC MACON, apart from high quality materials and construction companies can offer a range of services:

- Advising on the choice of building materials for construction of MACON;

- Calculation of the value of the object assembly materials;

- Production planning and logistics of supply;

- Delivery of materials to the object;

- Advice and technical support of the construction process.
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