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''Brick Style'' in architecture
For Architects
ceramic brick is able to combine the broad architectural features with reliable performance

For Dealers
Factory of building materials MACON expanding its dealer network and is open to cooperation
For Builders
Factory of building materials MACON besides high quality materials, ready to offer construction companies a range of services
Best wall building material in the Republic of Moldova. Surpasses similar products from other manufacturers by:

-precision geometric dimensions
-diversity of shapes and sizes
For Arhitects
Brick - a unique building material that can combine a broad architectural features with reliable performance and technical characteristics. MACON SA manufactures ceramic bricks, which is used in an area where a good appearance and quality are crucial. Brick combines high strength, environmentally friendly and stylish, varied appearance, which makes it optimal for any facade. In a brick factory MACON created a unique product for architecture and design, which allows translating the most daring ideas. A rich palette of textures and different formats give full freedom to your creativity. Durable, versatile and cost effective brick MACON created for the creative future. Urban lifestyle is attractive, but eco-friendly materials help creates a natural environment in urban areas.
The main advantage of brick is its ability to withstand any weather conditions. Frost and thaw, excess heat and excess water - is not in danger! As a result - durable facade that requires little maintenance, if any, does not require it. MACON brick is made of natural materials: clay and water, and their manufacturing process are completely safe for the environment.

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