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''Brick Style'' in architecture
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ceramic brick is able to combine the broad architectural features with reliable performance

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Factory of building materials MACON expanding its dealer network and is open to cooperation
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Factory of building materials MACON besides high quality materials, ready to offer construction companies a range of services
18 July 2011
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BLOCKS 3E. New House from MACON.

 New House from MACON

Thermal energy conservation in residential and industrial buildings is an acute problem, forcing the search for new solutions more effective. Energy is more expensive every day and will soon reach the level of European prices, but guarantees that the living will reach the same levels are not. Given that in developed countries long the focus is on heat preservation methods will propose building material that prevents heat loss without making additional insulation. 
Block 3E - is the material produced in Moldova, the local natural materials, which have excellent insulation properties and resistance, efficiency, high durability. 
The new technology was made possible by modernizing production equipment MACON SA and allowed the construction materials market in Moldova a unique opportunity to build cheaper housing with greater energy efficiency. 
Whether bungalow, Mediterranean villa, house or house large multi - Block 3E has its place. 
Unbeatable arguments for Block 3E: 
Unsurpassed insulation: 
Expanded clay is the oldest building materials. Excellent insulators meet its parameters in play ordinance on energy saving! Thanks to its remarkable insulation values ​​and compensating accumulation of the heat capacity, Block 3E rooms provide a unique environment. And this is provided by insulation included in the brick factory. 
Frost resistance and insensitivity to moisture: 
Compared with other heavy building materials, Block 3E shows the lowest water absorption capacity. Is therefore a "natural air conditioning installation," virtually moisture is excluded, or that caused by weather or arise during construction works. Low absorption capacity makes BLOCK 3E also resistant to frost. 
Intelligence and anticipation:
Due to the monolithic building system can give the additional insulation. In combination with a heating system using renewable energy, will build not only healthy and comfortable, but in the spirit of environmental protection period. Save time and money in protecting future generations. 
Healthy housing and anti-allergic: 
Healthy home environment is the basis of relaxed living. 3E system of external and internal walls is the first choice to build a house with high architectural standards and energy efficiency. Exterior wall plays the role of regulator of summer high temperatures during the day and low during the night - protection against heat in summer is great! And winter remains cold outside. 
Construction completed quickly and efficiently: 
Perfect flatness and dimensional accuracy are possible mounting blocks 3E quick and easy, even for those uninitiated in the works. High dimensional accuracy is achieved by applying a thin layer of insulating adhesive. Which means, in other words, the time is reduced by 40 percent compared with traditional building and that to eliminate thermal bridges and acoustic! A quasi-optimal insulation free! 
Block 3E - is 
- Environmental safety in production and use; 
- A high strength and durability; 
- Compatibility with other materials; 
- Simplicity and adaptability of applications, offering savings of 20-40%; 
- Reduced construction time; 
- Reduce total cost of construction of buildings while reducing labor costs by 20% and transport costs.
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